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What is Biloba?

Biloba is an abstract strategy board game for 1 to 4 players. At each turn the player moves pawns on a octogonal shaped board (but squared cells) trying to remove opponent's pawns from it. The game is free software, licensed under the GPL.

Get Biloba

Biloba currently works on Windows, GNU/Linux and Nokia Internet Tablets (n8x0 series).

Biloba is also available pre-packaged in various Linux distributions, like Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, Gentoo, and maybe more. Simply use your normal package manager to install Biloba.
If you want to compile Biloba from the sources, you will need SDL, SDL-image, SDL-mixer, and their respective development packages.

How can I play Biloba?

Biloba includes an AI opponent for single player mode, and supports local or network play for 2 or more (up to 4) players.



2 players
3 players
4 players


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2 players
Two players game
3 players
Three players game
4 players
Four players game


Please report bugs on the bug tracker. You can also email Guillaume, who invented Biloba, or Colin, who wrote the computer version of the game.